Saturday, August 2, 2014

Geez Where Does the Time Go?

Has it really been since April that I posted???  Hard to believe, but see that it is true - er, I guess April would be the time Mr. Fab (rockin' spouse) surprised me with tickets to a birthday-of-a-lifetime trip to Spain!  Guess I don't have to mention that a birthday with a zero in it - and it's after 40 - has to be cause for commotion!  With the planning, trip in early July and now the awesome afterglow, it's just gonna have to be my excuse for the lapse.  I am seriously hoping to get back into the art / blogging program.  Fingers crossed!

Quick note about the trip to Barcelona - highly recommend, lack of Spanish is not a problem, food is amazing, art and architecture is over the top.  Epitome of Art Nuevo - Gaudi is a true phenomenon and so under known.  Barcelona is unlike any European city I have been to -- they embrace the very modern, progressive yet maintain a love of both old and new.  Big, bustling city yet quaint old quarter, endearing people, marvelous metro, stunning museums and such deep roots.  Apparently, Barcelona is the third most visited city in Europe (after London then Paris). Go travel - I've missed it for a long time.  Just go.  Nothing is better than challenging yourself with something new, daring yourself into discovery and delighting yourself with unknown wonders.  It really does "change you" in a number of ways - just GO somewhere different (on your next walk/drive take a left instead of a right and see what happens!).   I want to copywrite the phase "you just don't get it until you go, so just go!"  

My favorite pic from Mr. Fab (artist in his own right) is below. Panne photo of a spontaneous commotion one day.
Running with Lilies!
Back to the blog, I actually have a painting to post tomorrow from my art group challenge last month.  I promise it will be fun and I hope to get going on more daily painting / blogging. Maybe the job has interfered too much!  Seriously considering the 30-in-30 September Challenge from Leslie Saeta. . .  more to come there.

Enjoy - life is joy we make one moment at a time,