Saturday, March 2, 2013

Okay, Here We Go - The Journey

A few days ago, I announced to my small "family" on Facebook that I was so happy and feeling . . . . . . .  okay, I'm finally going to say it . . . . . .  an Artist!   I was super-lucky to get into Carol Marine's January 2013 workshop in San Antonio Texas and returned home super-charged to get painting every day (er, a couple of times a week at least).  The tiny 6x6" canvas panels are so liberating.  

On my way back to Vienna, Virginia I posted the following collage of workshop paintings on my Facebook page.  The hot chilies with crazy colors (bottom right) sold right off the posting! 

The next amazing thing that happened was a local artists' studio and gallery sent a call for art featuring small paintings.  Well, I just happened to have a few of those. . .  Entered three new paintings into the show and the apples above.  Below is a photo from the Leesburg ArtSquare Petite Perspectives splash page.  How fun to see those apples in the first column (middle). Attended the Artist's reception on Friday 2/8, over 50 artists and 300+ paintings submitted.

I promise my blog entries won't be this long going forward - catching up on my journey so far.  Hope you enjoy my travels.

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