Sunday, March 17, 2013

Damage Control

Where does the time go?  I have to get better at posting consistency.  Hopefully made up in part with painting day yesterday.  Fixed the daffodil nightmare from last Thursday’s class, repaired the silver creamer damage (see Friday March 8), and painted some beloved radishes.  In class, I learned that if something goes off the canvas, then something else should as well.   The daffodil’s just would not cooperate with the 6x6 panel, so off the canvas we went – how liberating!  The radishes were jealous, so I said – off the canvas with you as well!

Today was special in that I visited another beautiful farm in Middleburg Virginia.  I’ve met a few more classmates closer to where I live, but this lovely lady comes all the way from Middleburg to take classes with us.  We painted in her very modern “barn”.  It actually is a working barn with horses, hay, cats. . . .  However, this barn also had a full-scale kitchen, office, exercise room, “the works” and two gorgeous, but camera shy, cats. 

So here we go with the paintings – I’ll spare you the details about what we painted at the barn for now.  Quite different and challenging.  BTW, if I don’t bring it up again – don’t ask!    Will work on it some more tomorrow, and hope for the best. 

Pushing Up and Out for Spring
Daffodils are just now coming up here and these didn't want to stay in their box!

Silver Creamer and Pink Roses
Enjoying the calm background so creamer can take center stage again.

Radish Club
I love everything about radishes - touch, taste, subtle highlights. . .
and yes these have already been eaten!