Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekly Challenge - Fridge

Well it has taken me longer than expected to finish last week’s DPW challenge – What’s In Your Fridge.  The weekly challenges (link) are inspiring and for you artists out there, it is free to join and post to this part of the website.  These are true Vidalia onions carefully tucked in the fridge until the moment was right.  A few years ago I painted them on a large canvas and thought, “I know how to do that" but the big Alice and the small Alice seem to be at it yet again.   Just can’t seem to get my small back on.  To aggravate the situation further, I decided it was time to finish some of my larger paintings and spent the day on that. What am I thinking!  Focus girl, get back to the loose free-style small paintings you love and learned about last January.  

Vidalia Onions - Fridge Challenge

Who knows what tomorrow will bring - I, for one, am excited to find out!