Sunday, March 3, 2013

Art Club GC

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I'm sure I'll be mentioning my wonderful Art Club from time to time, so I'll start introducing them and keep you posted on our "meetings".  I’m not a club person, but this has been an amazing delight. The very first meeting was June 20th 2008 - after we all met through art class.  The four of us try to get together once a month at each other's homes.  At first to paint, but decided it was more fun to eat, drink wine, talk art, and relax.  Oh, and each host offers up a challenge painting that must be completed before the next meeting.  This one simple thing has helped us all keep painting even when life insists on interfering! 

What's really fun is we are about as different as can be from one another, yet our shared love of art has bound us together.  It's hard to describe, but to me, almost like traveling to another country.  For a few hours I get a mini-vacation from my life into their worlds.  Today was to GC’s (maybe someday I’ll explain the host initials), beautiful horse farm.  A lovely drive through open fields, cows grazing, meandering streams, 100+ year old cabins, wineries, polo fields, and grand estates running right up to the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

The challenge was to paint a fox (see yesterday’s blog), these gals did a wonderful job.  I should have taken a photo – it would have made this post so much better!  I’m hosting next month, so they will get to come to the “big city” aka DC suburbs. . . .   My challenge to them, do one of the Daily Paintworks challenges.  When they come to my house next month, we’ll do the photographs and make them post!