Friday, March 8, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice

Had a blast today!  Bought an amazing garlic and decided it was a perfect time to re-do one of Carol Marine’s exercises. The panel is divided into 4 squares so now we’re talking 3x3".  You then have 10 minutes to paint each block, allowing changes to background color and subject position.  Stressful fun!  Additional inspiration provided by the colors of Spring. I couldn't get over how the reflected light from the paper showed on the garlic - then again it was a beautiful, sunny day.  


This was another practice.  I have not painted grapes, but really wanted to give it a try. Multiple issues here, but will keep at it.  I am taking a class on Thursday evenings and next week the topic is grapes!  After seven weeks of painting flowers, suddenly it's grapes - Why does this keep happening to me?

Premonition Grapes

Last week's art class set up (Silver Creamer and Pink Roses).  Decided to darken the background, but still not sure it works.  hmmmmm...... 

New Dark Background
Muted Background

Starting the reveal – sending blog link to local classmates.  Always amazed at how different we all are, but so very connected through art – it’s like having an unexpected best friend. 

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