Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy Mackerel, Seriously!

A week or so ago in the Damage Control post, I mentioned a wonderful afternoon painting with fellow artists at a beautiful farm in Middleburg Virginia.  What I didn't mention was WHAT we painted.  You guessed it, fish!  Fun, exciting and more than a bit interesting painting fresh fish under high intensity lights.  I hope the barn has stopped smelling, the cats have calmed down and the horses have stopped neighing “eeewwwww!”  Such gracious and tolerant hosts!  Not sure if I’m happy with how the fish painting turned out, but heck, I did it – mackerel pike is what they are called.  They are as beautiful as fish get – svelte, silvery and look so alive.  You have to paint quickly or the tails start curling upwards.  This, in fact, is my excuse for the fish on the top that seems to be airborne.  LOL. 

Mackerel Pike

A dear and very talented artist friend handcrafted the 6x12" panel - even more fun when everything is long and skinny.   

Well enough fun for today - I'm off to have my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, so it might be a few days before I'm back to painting.  I bought a batch of yellow tulips to entice me - after all, I have to submit a painting to the next DPW Challenge - The Meaning of Spring by Saturday.  

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