Monday, April 29, 2013

Emergency CPR – Creative Painting Rescue #2

First of all, I am delighted to report that another painting sold in the DPW auction!  Grapefruit 4289 is now sporting the sought after red dot!  See it in my Gallery (click here).  If interested, other auctions are at and more are coming soon. 

The second painting rescue was from a beautiful hanging basket (thanks to GL in my art club).  Not sure how she knew that Gerber daisies are in my list of top five favorite plants or that pink/rose is one of my favorite colors.  Er, did we not have pink napkins and matching rose-colored centerpiece for brunch?  

Had to “phone a friend” and get advice from my art club on how to administer the CPR – they came to the rescue and helped me focus in on three very special Gerber’s, emphasizing that the top two were catching the light and the other one is holding up the “arrangement”.  Seems as though they are all jockeying for the “diva” position (the daisy’s not the art club gals).

Gerber Divas

I am in love with Williamsburg Persian Rose that an amazing artist / classmate turned me onto several weeks ago.  For you artists, it’s a warm permanent rose and seems so versatile.  I think that might be the allure of Grapefruit 4289 – yummy!

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