Monday, April 8, 2013

First Auction – We Have a Winner!

So very exciting when literally, in the last few minutes, my first auction received a bid.  Smart cookie waiting until the very end to swoop the deal!  Honestly, I have to say that they are one of my “collectors” so I get to learn the process for shipping, etc. with a known quantity.  Made my day and really helps provide the extra boost to do this in the first place.  We are both winners. Surprise and delight all rolled into one.  Didn't even know they were watching!

The following painting has been posted to last week’s challenge “The Plein Air Challenge.”  Plein Air means you brave the elements and go outside to paint.  Huh, really?  Those of us in Northern Virginia have been waiting for spring to arrive – already more than a few weeks late.  A couple of my daffodils started to open so I thought I would go get them and bring them inside to paint – a bit of cheating there!  It was just too cold, cloudy and gray last Saturday.  Now spring has arrived, yet I ended up painting them in the house anyway ‘cause I picked them all.  Grrrr. . .  Today it hit the low 80's - welcome to spring on the east coast!   

Double Lion Head Daffodils
 Since I was cheating anyway, the canvas tone is hot pink and I chose turquoise for the background, just because I love how it plays off the yellows.
Listed as PayPal buy it now, but for you insiders if not sold, will be added to the auction in a few weeks.