Sunday, April 7, 2013

Slacking Off

Despite not painting lately, lots accomplished in the last few days.  Helped “hang” the gallery for a local art show – a ton of work, but it turned out rather nicely.  Have not done this before and now have a much greater appreciation for those who make a living at it.   If you have a chance, stop by, DECADEnt 2013 All-Member Art Show, April 5-28 410 S. Maple Ave. Falls Church, VA – I have two paintings in the show (see Alice in Wonderland blogs).  Also ordered custom business cards – yet another “commitment” to my art journey. I'm astounded by the amount of free and nearly-free products available via the web.  Psssst, I’m not supposed to mention my awesome business-card-designer, but he has done an outstanding job once again! Sweet, huh?!!!

Painted my "first to bloom daffodils" today – will post next week. 

Meanwhile, here’s another painting I’m adding to the auction list in the near future.  Garlic four ways, inspired by the colors of spring and a day of incredible natural sunlight.