Sunday, April 21, 2013


My turn to host Art Club today - always interesting, fun and different!  We are a bit of a motley crew, bonded through painting.  Having this club keeps us connected to art even when our busy lives decide otherwise.

Here’s the painting from “yesterday”, oops lost another day somewhere.  Another thing I love is grapefruit, which probably explains why I’m not fond of oranges. It’s called Grapefruit 4289 because that’s the produce bar code number.  For some reason, I think that is rather clever on my part.  Oh well, naming the art is still a challenge for me – I guess that’s why there’s so much art out there called Object #1, Object #2, etc.  So perhaps I am a bit more creative (smile) . . . .  Let me know if you notice a new hot trend for naming still life’s by bar code!

A quirky thing about my new square plates, they do odd (er, I mean interesting) things to shadows (color, angles, etc.) - need to keep working on that aspect.

Grapefruit 4289 (and proud of it)