Thursday, April 4, 2013

One of my pet-peeves is poor grammar. . . what was I thinking with the last title?  It should be My Shadow and I.  This is a famous song, which maybe explains why our grammar is so challenging to learn.  Funny Lady (no pun intended, look it up).

Anyway, I’ve decided to glaze my next painting, so the first layer has to completely dry.  Since that one is not ready to post, here’s another that I plan to auction once I figure out how that whole process works.  BTW, I have one currently on auction (click here for “Tranquility”) if you’re interested in bidding or know someone who might be – as always, please forward this blog to your friends and encourage them to sign up for email updates! 

Wonderful Day, Delightful Night

A special evening by candlelight topped off with a great cup of espresso.  We have these beautiful tiny gold spoons that I thought went quite well with the brass candlestick and candle who's job is to show that the evening started long before the espresso!

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