Thursday, April 11, 2013

Psssst Auction Starts on Saturday

To my blog-insiders, here’s the painting that will be put up for auction on Saturday.  It is called Wonderful Day, Delightful Night because it reminds me of years past after a special candlelit dinner and that ever so special cup of espresso. The candle has burned down, the espresso awaits and the very satisfying feeling of contentment emerges, declaring it a wonderful day and delightful night!    If only I was 35 again and could stay up high on caffeine all night!

Wonderful Day, Delightful Night
Thanks to GB for this challenge, even though I misunderstood the concept of a "night" painting.

Feel free to forward this email and link to my blog so others can find their way to Daily Paintworks and the amazing art auctions.  I need your help in getting the word out there! 

Hoping to get a chance to paint tomorrow and definitely plan on attending the Diff4ent Strokes interactive painting demo on Saturday 4-13 at ArtSquare in Leesburg.  Open to the public.

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