Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moonflower Madness

I have been madly in love with Moonflowers for years.  That they open at dusk and are so delicate is just fascinating! They are the size of saucers much bigger than morning glories.  Every year I start seeds indoors and set them out in patio pots as soon as possible.  For those of us with a non-green-thumb*, these are quite easy to grow.  I’m sure there are a few YouTube videos on the topic. Once they start blooming, there are two or three a day until the weather gets too cold in the fall. Even though I’ve grown these for years, I never before noticed that they have a kind of a starfish shape in the center.  It was way fun painting that part. If that isn't enough, the leaves are shaped like hearts!  What's not to like?  Including a reference photo so you can see the starfish and sort of see the heart-shaped leaves.  

 Moonflower Madness
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* okay, I have a green thumb, but it is ‘cause it’s covered with paint – usually Viridian, Phthalo or Sap Green!  Ha, ha. 

Reference photo