Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vacation -> Hamilton Bermuda

Painted a lot lately and it feels so good.  I hope I can keep it going!

We love Bermuda and went again this year.   

This is a wonderful building at a main intersection (Queen and Front Street) in the capital city of Bermuda.   I love how both the shadow and sunlit sides are so vibrant. Every day we would venture into the city for great food, sightseeing and taking the ferry to other parts of the island.   All the buildings in Bermuda are painted in dramatic colors, but this one really stood out to me.  I haven’t painted many buildings, and this was much harder than I expected, but imagine it’s like the rest of this craft – the more you do it, the more familiar you get.  I hope to do a few more and incorporate a looser style  (which I prefer!).  Oh yeah, if you go to Bermuda be sure and get the Fish Chowder – it’s on every menu, so not to worry about where to go for it.  

Hamilton Bermuda - Gosling building
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p.s. This year we went at the end of July and landed smack on the biggest holiday in Bermuda.  It is a four day event and almost everything is closed!  Seriously every shop and practically every restaurant is shuttered for most of the time.  The hotels are open and our favorite restaurant was in business so we survived!  A feature of the celebration is a two day cricket match which was quite delightful.  It's so funny because they only have two teams, switching East vs. West every year. They make it pretty clear that there's no need to understand the game, care about who's winning, what time it is, or what happens next - it's all about hanging out with friends and family, taking a break and being happy!  Love that.  On our way home, we asked "so who won the game?"  The response was well uh it was a tie because uh it rained too much.  See the end didn't really matter anyway, but the fans definitely know which team they root for and made another life-time memory!

This is the doorman at our hotel - quite a character and knows what a Bermud-i-ful Day means!