Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2021 3 of 10 January 6th

What a day. Speechless.  Living near DC has it's "front-row seat" challenges - both good and not so good. Such an incredibly sad day. 

Luckily started this one yesterday evening and managed to get through it somehow today.  No Words, Only Hope for Tomorrow.

Tea time with OJ in one of those deep-cut-crystal glasses.  Super fun making that happen, but not sure it looks like a breakfast drink (mimosa in disguise?).  Anyway, can you see yourself lounging snug-as-a-bug on this patio with a pot of tea?  

Quick pic - A different kind of ironwork. I have one of these cast iron teapots and used it for years.  A delightful Zen moment no matter what the day brings.

How fun was it painting a pillow - i may have to find more. . . .  

Life is joy we make one moment at a time,