Saturday, January 30, 2021

Wrapping Up January

Enjoying a little lull after the January "10 paintings in two weeks" challenge - charging up for a February workshop with Monica Linares - The Happy Habit (how great is that?). The workshop is one day a week, but I suspect there's going to be LOTS of homework. Stay tuned. Did someone say d-a-i-l-y? yikes

It has been a great month:
an awesome challenge, a couple of paintings sold, daily blogging, and a lot more painting enthusiasm than I've had in a long time. Happy Girl, bring it on 2021!

What's new

Sweet thoughts (macarons anyone?) and perfect Valentine gifts - Perhaps a toast to romance later in the day with this painting that says so much without a word. ;-)

Valentine's Day - Memory
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Long time since I've painted birds - added a feeder upstairs so I could watch their happy frolicking while getting ready for the day. Perhaps the theme now should be Outside My Window. Geez this pandemic thing has gone on too long, but hanging in there and staying safe. At least I can see others fly. . . .

Say What?
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Wet and Wild
click to zoom - but sold way fast?

Enjoy, Life is joy we make one moment at a time,