Monday, January 4, 2021

2021 Rough Start 1 of 10

Kicking off the 2021 daily painting/blogging for two weeks project.  Apparently not painting since August is having quite an impact - why did I think I could just start where I left off?  Feels like I've forgotten everything!  Note to self, let's pick something much simpler going forward. . . . 

Regardless, I'm still in love with French balconies and wrought iron. I love how this one looks like a heart - each one inspires something different.  It's quite a challenge as now I have to merge references for the background, the wrought iron, and the "still life" since I've run out of inspiration photos. Always worth the extra effort.  

Here's the result - quick snapshot, real photo and posting for purchase to come in a day or two.  Loving this challenge despite the initial frustration.  

Good Morning 2021

In all honesty, I started last night. Total mess.  So today I decided to finish it rather than do something simple. So glad!  

Life is joy we make one moment at a time