Thursday, September 5, 2013

30in30 – D 4 Demitasse

Lots of ideas for the D-day, but didn’t get the artistic urge until I remembered I had a few Demitasse cups from my espresso era (late 80's) – still love a cup from time to time!  A demitasse is from a French word meaning "half cup."  This darling is from our honeymoon.  It features the Greenbrier Resort signature rhododendron. Last time I was there flowers everywhere – lobby, hallways, rooms, steps going in/out, you name it.  A gorgeous place known for having hosted distinguished guests (and us nearby locals) since 1778.  During the Cold War is was used as a secret safe-haven for American presidents and government officials – it was declassified around 1992 and now you can take a tour of The Bunker.

Enough history! Life is about making memories and this is one of them.  I try to purchase something small and useful during notable events to keep reminding me of great times past and to always look forward to new adventures. 

I’ve painted a few cups before, but this is a first trying to paint a pattern on it.  If that wasn't enough, decided to paint one of their beautiful gold spoons.  I doubt the Greenbrier still uses them, so now a priceless memory.  

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  1. That was very interesting! What a sweet little cup. And how brave to put the flower on that. I've not been that brave yet. Looks just right too. Love it!