Friday, September 13, 2013

30in30 – K 4 Kiwi for You

As I was cruising through the Grand Mart (Asian/Latino grocery store) in Sterling Virginia for inspiration last weekend, there they were with the letter "K" written all over them. So fresh!  I love this place as they have so many interesting things at unbelievable prices. Don't know much about these cutie-pies but love 'em in fruit salads.  What's not to like with the crazy green, black seeds and the most interesting rind.  Another fruit that has no real reflection, like that ornery banana from Day 2.  Probably Kiwi in a Sea of Green should be the title.  Making a mental note to add other colors to calm things down even though my last art teacher cautioned against having too many colors.  I'm trying to keep it simple, but . . . 

i love the loose style and hope to keep doing more like this.

Kiwi for You

p.s. this is my favorite "bowl", very flat and shallow and casts shadows well - a great stage for a simple subject.     

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