Friday, September 20, 2013

30in30 – Q 4 ?

"Q" is a tough one!  Can you guess what this is? 

In the spirit of doing something challenging for the 30 in 30, decided to tackle a wonderful photo my husband took of a beautiful walking path near here.  Us city-folk need the path to be made of asphalt, but outside of that, trees are trees. . . .  It is a beautiful photo, so very serene with the dappled sunlight, I just couldn't resist.   Looking at the photo, you can almost hear the silence and serenity of the meandering path even though it is only a block away from Main Street. 

To explain, I seem to be missing the "landscape" gene despite several runs at it.  Even took a few classes and still can't find a way to simplify the massive amount of detail in a scene like this.  I loved the plein air journey - pack up all your stuff, drive far away, hike out to some beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere, have wine and cheese, commune with nature, paint, etc. BUT, it just ain't happening for moi!  I'll keep trying, so look for another update in five years or so . . . .  Today I found out one of my favorite artist/teachers is doing a landscape workshop so signed up for that - maybe it will help.

Quiet Path

Click here for the other painters on day nineteen.  I'm pretty far behind so will try and leap forward this weekend.  


  1. Looks like the W&OD through parts of Vienna - I like it.

  2. It's the Beulah side of Glyndon Park. Lovely spot.