Tuesday, September 22, 2015

30 in 30 Rainier Cherries Day – 22

Finally rained today so I guess it’s appropriate to have Rainier cherries on the table for painting.  Too bad it was a photo and not the real thing!  Probably needed a little reminder of early summer as this season closes, the clouds begin to gather, and fall looms ahead.  

Ranier Cherries

Reference photo from PaintMyPhoto, Lee Pierce, Still Life 3 Delicious Cherries Vanished 

You all may remember a show I participated in at a winery in Waterford – one of the paintings just sold off the Facebook event page and is on its way to New York City!  A super-favorite of mine, but know it’s going to a great dog-and-art-loving home.  Blog story is HERE

Shotgun Sailor

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